Our Story

In the beginning...

We grew up hiking barefoot on trails near our childhood homes and continue to stick with our roots as we find peace and inspiration just being outdoors in the dirt and sun. Our love of the trail and the desire to take our adventures in nature home with us inspired the creation of the products that have become the Cedar Ravine brand.
As we continue to be fueled and inspired by our natural surroundings, we explore places like the north coast of California (misty beaches + humpback whales + redwood trails) and the culture and secluded beauty of Asheville, NC, and translate the spirit of each stunning example of earth's finest into accessories for fellow explorers.
All of the products we create at Cedar Ravine represent favorite outdoor lifestyle accessories – simply and ruggedly designed items for no-fuss exploring using rich and vibrant colors and prints that translate beautifully for anytime wear.


Keep it Wild

While we enjoy developing our craft and sharing it with others, we know we have to do our part to preserve the world we love to explore – and keep it as wild and pure as possible. As such, Cedar Ravine is committed to two key values: keeping our manufacturing process local and continuous investment in wildlife and nature preservation efforts. 
Cedar Ravine supports organizations that are currently working to preserve our natural spaces. We were raised to love and respect the earth in all its natural forms and we appreciate the opportunity to honor preservation efforts being made in the United States to keep open and wild landscapes available for all of us to enjoy.
At this time, Cedar Ravine purchases support The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre® program through symbolic gifts in support of the Northern Rockies, Central Appalachians, Gulf Coast, Northern Sierras and the Great Plains. Together, we can ensure that amazing natural treasures like these receive the urgent protection and restoration that is critical to their survival.


The Founders

Since her first film camera at age 9 Christine has been chasing squirrels and other natural wonders with the instinct to document, share and inspire. She can usually be found behind a lens, knee deep in grass or with feet covered in sand. A photographer by trade, her photographs from our explorations are printed on Cedar Ravine scarves, headbands and bags. Each photograph is printed one at a time onto carefully selected fabrics and then finished by hand to create functional art. Christine graduated from University of South Carolina and has been on the ground floor of many developing fashion brands.
Stephanie grew up on Cedar Ravine Road in the mountains of Northern California. Camping, hiking, building and fabric dyeing as a young girl cultivated her love of nature and art. Renegade cowgirl, she often finds herself rallying behind artisans, inspiring and producing their work. As a mother of two adventurous boys, she gets to see the world again through the eyes of young explorers all over again and finds the inspiration to pursue big dreams in them.