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Cedar Ravine fanny pack

All of our designs are developed and inspired both by the material - the way it moves and feels, and the memories of places we love exploring. Our original collection is largely inspired by the rich hues of fall in North Carolina, the misty beaches of Northern California, the majestic Yosemite and the calm that is Joshua Tree National Park. Our products are designed to evoke the spirit of these natural wonders.

Every piece we make is original and crafted with great attention to detail in Los Angeles, California. We partner with small businesses that focus on high-quality specialty products, keeping the design process fluid while we perfect each and every piece. 

We use low-impact fiber-reactive synthetic dye that has been classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (an international certification process) as eco-friendly. Low-impact dyes do not contain toxic chemicals or mordants (which fix the dye to the fabric), require less rinsing and have a high absorption rate in the fabric. High absorption rates and a decreased use of rinse water create less waste water. 

Our current collection features:

Canvas adventure bags - Richly dyed hues and original nature photography are featured on our brushed cotton canvas adventure bags. Perfect for hiking, camping or just everyday living, they are constructed with longevity in mind and no-fuss exploring.

Hand dyed scarves, headbands and beanies -- We chose a really cozy rayon spandex for these vibrant pieces. The soft fabric takes rich dye beautifully, a process done by hand at a family-owned dye house in Downtown LA. Stretchy and with a snug fit, these everyday accessories are perfect for hiking, yoga or for protecting yourself against a cold snap. We specialize in functional travel accessories, no matter what the adventure.

Handmade Cedar Jewelry -- 

Adorn yourself with a pendant brought to you by many loving hands. First milled in Arcata, California by Woodlab Designs, then decorated with natural dyes, paint, string and metal by a collection of artists for Cedar Ravine. Each piece is unique and special.

Approximately 18" cord.

About the Cedar tree: It is a majestic, flat-topped tree, having dark green, needle-like leaves, and oval cones.

Native to North America, the white cedar is a tall tree that usually reaches fifty feet, but some exceptions are known to grow much higher. The tree's even-grained, aromatic wood is naturally resistant to decay.

Handmade in California.


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