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Cedar Ravine tie dye headband
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Great experience. Attractive simple website, fast service really a nice product! The material is light weight fits just right. Sometimes a headband can be too tight. That can cause me to have a headache so then I rip them off, shove them in my pocket don't wear them. This one fits well comes in colors that are subdued "cool". I get compliments on it all the time. I don't wear make-up so it gives me some color. It also helps me to contain my wild curly hair, that I don't like to spend time on. The best part is the way they're made. The part of the band that touches the lower back of the neck is gathered to lay nicely under you hair without pulling your hair up your neck and showing your scalp. I've created a new easy style for myself. This is my second color. I plan to purchase more. - Tracie N.
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