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What it means to be an outdoorsy mom.....

Posted on May 01 2017

On Outdoorsy Mom-hood

Cedar Ravine is honored to be surrounded by a rich and vibrant community of nature lovers. One of our most favorite ambassadors, is actually a family of ambassadors! The pack leader, Julie, shares with us, a note on Outdoorsy Mom-hood.

Best Family Outdoor Adventures

I have God and the people in my life to thank for both my Outdoorsy”ness” as well as my Mom”ness” (I think neither of those words exist)…kind of a nature/nurture thing, I guess.

First, my parents. Both, lovers of the outdoors; grew up in rural areas and spent much of their time exploring the Mississippi wilderness, and passed their appreciation for and curiosity of nature down to us. My siblings and I, grew up outdoors; days full of running, fishing, collecting, building, hiking, camping, catching frogs, hoo-ing at owls, hunting, planting, bike riding, swimming, skipping smooth stones, climbing trees, mud pie baking, and/or whatever other activity we could dream up along the way. The outdoors were ours to discover…as long as we were back in time for dinner. They taught me to appreciate the world as a place God created to enjoy for its beauty and ample provisions, and so, I have them to thank for making me “outdoorsy”.

Best Family Outdoor Adventures

Then, My husband. He found me in college still covered in clay (as an assistant instructor in the ceramics department), he also loved being outside.It was love at first sight, and I have him to thank for making me a mom… three times. Our children didn’t really stand much of a chance, they were exposed to the things we love to do, and so spent much of their time either studying about or being in nature. We have learned about life, sustainability, weather, animals, personal strength and fortitude, and sometimes all in the span of a camping trip. Our kids have become wonderfully smart, interesting, capable, curious, fun, caring and adventurous people- each in their own way- in large part because of the outdoor world around them.

Best Outdoor Family Advetnures

My favorite outdoorsy mom moments:



Best Family Outdoor Adventures


-Watching my son stop on trails to help his sisters across a big step, or offer to carry a backpack for them. You can't teach genuine courtesy like that.

- Watching my middle daughter climb in her first competition, her determination actually made me cry.

- Watching my youngest daughter rappel her first waterfall, which took a great amount of trust and courage.

- Five of us sleeping in a three person tent because someone packed the wrong tent poles. Card games and charades all night, funniest camping ever!

- The kids growing their first garden, then making pizza from what they picked.

- Sending my son on his first trip to rural Colorado. Freezing temps, No running water, horseback only, up at 3am… The strength it took for him to make that trip blew me away. And he had fun doing it, as he continues to go yearly. - Teaching them all to ride bikes.

- Letting them run through sprinklers on really hot days in their diapers.

- All of the firsts on our trip to Yellowstone. Seeing bison, moose, bear, elk, Old Faithful, and survive a moderately dangerous canoe trip- which of course was a blast.


I think we can learn all we need to know about life, in one way or another, from nature. It was here in the beginning, and will be here long after we are gone. It is up to us to enjoy it, take care of it, teach about it, learn about it, and share it with the ones we love


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