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How to Naturally Repel Those Pesky Bugs While Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Posted on May 25 2017

Enjoy this sweet weather without dancing with our favorite insects

“The sun is shining; the weather is sweet and makes you want to move, your dancing feet.”

-Bob Marley

Bob Marley has put summer feels into such a beautiful phrase. The weather and sun are beautiful and they DEFINITELY make us want to start dancing! The only thing he forgot to mention is how dancing may not be because we are happy and stoked to be in these amazing places, but because we are trying to swat away those pesky bugs! Movement seems to help a little, but… not that much.

best natural mosquito repellent

Summer is the season to be outside. Exploring with our furry friends, the people we love, or even a solo mission to get some clarity and reground. The flowers are still out, the grass is tall and flowing, everything has that golden glow to it. It’s hard to resist that nature call to be out in the wild! The only thing about these seasons is that the weather and tall grass we love so much seems to bring some little pests that we just can’t ignore. You know what I’m talking about; ticks, mosquitoes, horse flies… the list could go on.

best natural bug repellant

We now are living in an era where we are starting to see how some of the things we love to use are not very good for us and our world. Let’s talk about one for a second, DEET. It is found in most insect repellents, and yes very, very effective, but the chemicals are not great for the environment and our skin. It will keep the bugs away but, what is it really doing to our skin, our central nervous systems, and to nature? Wanting to stay away from this, I started to do my study in the Holistic realm of things. Learn how to make the best natural bug repellent. 

From that study, I fell in love with essential oils. I’ve been starting to see how effective essential oils are for the same desire of keeping the bugs away along with many other reasons. Yes, it’s not as strong as DEET but it is way better for the environment and our bodies! I’ve done my research and had some experience with this mixture and the oils that I have found to be the most effective are: Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Geranium, Clove, Cinnamon, and Rosemary. I’ve read that peppermint works extremely well, as does cinnamon with rosemary and clove. I’m going to give you the basic outline of what I did and have constructed through research and other recipes I’ve come across online! Please feel free to mix different oils if you like them better to make the best natural bug repellent! (A good way to carry this little goodie around? Check out Cedar Ravine's perfect sized clutch!)

best natural bug repellant



. Fill a spray bottle our two mini ones like I used in the picture above. Fill it with boiled water that’s cooled or distilled. I boiled the water

. Fill the rest of the bottle with Witch Hazel. You can buy that at a local pharmacy, Lassen’s, Whole Foods or most likely Sprouts.

. Then add about 45-50 drops all together of your desired oils. I used Geranium, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. The more oil, the stronger the repellent. Shake, shake, shake and there you go!

I’ve read from others and from my own knowledge with essential oils and the spray, I suggest spraying on clothing instead of skin. Also on your socks, that’s a great spot. Please, play it safe when it comes to your skin! Now this should be effective with the bugs, but no guarantee that it will keep them all away! That’s impossible with any repellent really. This will be effective, smell good, and is safe for you and the nature you are enjoying! Now get out there and have some fun exploring the world’s gifts!


Chelsea Shapouri is a plant-based chef, yogi, and massage therapist basbest natural bug repellent ed in Southern California. Her journey to health all started in the early 2000’s when she had to start eating gluten-free. Being a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Pastry and Baking, this broadened her world and knowledge in food. She then began to teach herself nutrition and ways of eating from holistic health books to Ayurveda encyclopedias to detox diets and grain-free living. The craving for knowledge kept growing. A few years later, she took a dance healing arts yoga training called “Danyasa” in Costa Rica. Learning the body in all ways and the connection it has to the mind and soul became a constant exploration, a passion that she wanted to share with everyone around her. Inspiration was overflowing so she began to write about self-growth and the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. She slowly started to teach the beauty of moving meditations and then through the passageways of connection, massage therapy was introduced to her. Chelsea is now certified 500 hours+ in massage therapy and is starting the development of growing her own wellness retreats. She wants to share with the world the beauty of wellness in dance, yoga, nature, touch, nutrition, and her own self-growing thoughts/words of inspiration. The Grains of Life was then created. She currently lives in Ventura, CA, teaching private yoga classes, doing massage therapy, baking up storms, and exploring with her pups in the open trails. She is on Facebook, Instagram,, and can be reached by email Make sure to watch her project of growing a more conscious way of living evolve.


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