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Cedar-Infused Rye Whiskey Cocktail for Father’s Day

Posted on June 05 2017

“Whiskey is liquid sunshine.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

Raising our glasses to the men in our lives who have been our beloved teachers, role models, and father figures. Let’s make sure that glass is filled with something delicious.

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to reminisce with him about the good ole days over a belly laugh and a strong drink. Cedar Ravine has a unique Whiskey concoction to really treat dad this year (and yourself). The recipe includes accessible main ingredients (rye and lemon), something homemade (cedar-infused rye!), and a few unexpected ingredients too.

Thanks go out to our friend Karl Steuck, cocktail wizard, founder of Spirit and Spoon, Director of Business Development & Hospitality for LA’s second distillery, Loft & Bear, and Art Director/Mixology Consultant for Ethan + Ashe … Modern tools for the Spirited Life.

Let’s just say this guy knows his way around a bar.

Karl was kind enough to create an exclusive drink for Cedar Ravine’s one year anniversary party this year, and we love it so much we are recreating it for our Father’s Day celebrations!

In creating this one-of-a-kind beverage, Karl explains, “This drink was inspired by a lot of fathers out there, including my own. It takes me to a special place… around a campfire telling & sharing family stories that last a lifetime.”

Check out the recipe below and let us know how your celebrations go!

Best Bourbon Drink


Cedar Ravine Log Cabin  

1.75 oz cedar-infused Rye Whiskey

(May we suggest Bulleit here, and infusing may sound fancy, but it is actually quite simple!

Per 750ml bottle of whiskey add a small handful of food grade cedar chips. Any store that sells barbeque chips should have cedar (about $5 for a big bag), or a cedar plank popular for cooking salmon on, roughly cut or broken into small pieces. Throw it all in a jar for 3-4 hours, agitating occasionally, and then strain it back into the bottle. The more chips you use the shorter the infusion time, but you're going to lose a lot more bourbon to the chips. You should lose about an ounce per bottle. And don't let it sit for more than four hours. It can get extremely bitter.)

.25 oz Sweet Vermouth

.5oz lemon

.25oz Maple Syrup (grade b - may wanna cut with water, depending on desired sweetness)

2 dashes orange bitters

Ginger beer

Lavender garnish


Build all ingredients into a shaker, add ice then give a healthy shake. Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer & garnish with lavender.

Cheers to the Dads out there!! We raise our glasses to you.

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