Denby Royal: Certified food and fashion bad-ass based in Alberta, Canada

Posted on July 08 2018

Denby Royal: Certified food and fashion bad-ass based in Alberta, Canada

By Stephanie Carmi --

On her blog you'll find healing recipes, tips on holistic tattoo care, and fashion rants. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist™, Reiki practitioner and life stylist, Denby Royal's work is based on her mission of helping clients reach their full potential. She combines her passions of food and fashion and breaks down the walls some put up for the benefit of others while neglecting their own personal needs.

Denby has a lot to say about these subjects... and for good reason. She has over a decade of experience and lives the life authentically. In a recent interview with her, we dove right into what she is all about. 

Denby, tell us about your personal style – do you take inspiration from any icons (human or otherwise)?

There are a lot of women I look up to and draw inspiration from in my community. The ones who give zero fucks about what others think and who have realised this earlier on in life. I also have a box full of family photos dating back to the early 1900s that I love to explore and get inspiration from. Especially my great-grandmother! She nailed the tomboy way back in the 40s!

Why is freedom of movement an important concept in the world of fashion? Do you feel this mode is trending?

By focusing on freedom of movement you bring fashion back into the present. Fashion is driving by the future. About what's "next" or what's so cool it isn't even cool yet. When you start emphasing on how you feel in what you wear you are you are forcing yourself to be thinking about what happeneing with your body right now.

How can we use comfort as the basis for informing our personal style?

I teach my clients that if you can't squat or sit comfortably on the floor in what you're wearing, it's restricting your range of motion. And if you're range of motion is restricted, there's a good chance that your digestive, circulatory, and immune systems can't properly flow.

Also, if you wear something all day that you can't wait to tear off when you get home, then why did you wear it all day in the first place? Bottom line: when you're comfortable you feel good. The root word of comfort is 'strengthen'. Being comfortable in your clothing and your body strengthens your capacity to be a more capable and able human.


Why is it important, in your view, to support local manufacturing?

Because supporting local means I'm supporting my friends! Or my friends family, or their friends. Fostering a community falls on the shoulders of the local artists and makers. They bring cities to life and give them sustenance. They blow of the lid off of convention and remind us how to be real.

I don't know about you, but when I think about the other humans that were involved in nurturing the crop or husbanding the animal and designing, cutting, dyeing, tanning or sewing the garment I feel more connected to people on a global scale. By buying ethically I vote and participate in improving someone's quality of life in my area or in the other side of the planet.

What is happening in Calgary right now that you’re excited about?

Warm summer evenings! Being so north and so close to the Rocky Mountains we have  pretty short summers and a small window of time when the evenings are warm and you can be out at night without a sweater. So I'm pretty pumped for late night bike rides and chill sessions under the stars.

What causes are you currently supporting?

I was involved in Fashion Revolution week and a local fashion show in my area supporting local makers, designers. I spent years in the fashion industry and saw a lot of nasty stuff. The negative impact it has on the environment isn't far behind the oil industry. This shit needs to stop. Not to mention it's emphasis on egoism and the judgement of ourselves and others.

My mission is to spread the word about ethical fashion, fair trade, and how clothing affects your body.

Who is on your current music playlist?

Right now it's a mix of Philip Glass in the morning and playlists from Dealer be Musique and Bon Entendre on SoundCloud in the evening.

What adventure is on your summer ’16 schedule?

I am going on an camping adventure to my favourite place on this continent: the Pacific North West. Being Canadian I'll will be spending most of my time this side of the border, but I am beyond excited to explore state-side for the first time in years and see what you lovelies have to offer!

Also, tons of barefoot hiking, foraging, and spring water gathering in my hood. / ig: denbyroyal

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